Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Question for Jack - When You Face a Crisis...

I did it! I went to sign up for the Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic on March 3, 2010 and I asked Jack a question.

When you sign up to attend the call you get an opportunity to ask Jack a question. You do not have to ask a question, and in fact, I did not have one prepared when I signed up for last month's call, but this month I was prepared and asked Jack:

Do you have a phrase you keep handy for self-talk when confronted with a crisis?

We will see if he answers next Wednesday, 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am. Meanwhile, I thought I should ask my readers if you have a go to phrase you use. Do you have a phrase or affirmation that you reach for when you are faced with a disaster? What words spring to your lips when...

  • The phone rings in the middle of the night?
  • You see blue lights in your rearview mirror?
  • Your doctor needs to discuss your test results?

One of the best tools in my positive thinking toolkit is the phrase I keep on hand to stay balanced and focused on my next step activity.

That phrase for me?

Only good will come of this.

Even when I do not believe it or cannot possibly imagine how the "bad" news will turn good for me, even when I cannot live with the guilt of that thought at that moment, I say only good will come of this over and over in my mind until I believe it.

When I got laid off last year, I had to get off the phone with my boss, technically former boss, very quickly because while he was apologizing and explaining how badly he felt about the situation, I knew I needed to immediately switch to Only good will come of this. This is great news. This is my opportunity. Of course, it is.

The words we speak in our minds and with our lips define our futures. I encourage you to find a good, all-purpose affirmation you can reach for in a crisis and practice using it on the little things. Whenever you find yourself responding to a situation with an expletive ($&*%!), try your affirmation. I find everything turns out better than I could have expected when I do this.

Practice your affirmation on the little things and you will find it readily available during larger, more life changing events.

Remember, if you have a chance to attend the Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic the live call is free. Otherwise, it is well worth the $10 to purchase the mp3 recording. If you have a question you want to ask Jack, you should have it ready and then click here to sign up today for the phone call.

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