Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Would You Ask Jack Canfield?

The next Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, 3/3/10, at 1 pm EST/10 am PST. Click here to sign up and to enter a question you would like to ask Jack.

The Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinics not only let you listen in as Jack answers questions about creating joy and success in your life, but also let you interact with Jack and others to take real action. You will not want to miss this opportunity to hear Jack explain the Success Principles live.

You can read my post about the last Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic (2/3/10) here. While we were on that call, Jack encouraged those of us without accountability partners to comment on his Facebook fan page. I was one of 200+ fans who commented and connected.

My new accountability partner and I spoke today and will be sharing our daily goals in e-mails. We had thought to start with weekly accountability, but are finding we need something more immediate to get started.

Thanks to Jack and the last call, I am well on my way to making more progress toward my goals.

Register for the Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic today so you will receive your e-mail reminder ahead of time. Remember, the live call is free. If you miss the live call, you can purchase an mp3 of the phone call for $10, but the best deal is to sign up now so you will not miss the live event.

Compensation disclaimer: Please be advised I may receive compensation when you follow live links from this webpage.

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