Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic - 2/3/10

I had the good fortune to connect with the Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic today. What a powerful phone call. Jack shared so many great tips for taking responsibility and finding solutions I hardly know how to sum it up for you.

First, if you would like to sign up for next month's free conference call, click on the highlighted words above or paste the following link in your browser:

Alex Mandossian hosted today's conference call and presented several of the questions that were submitted in advance to Jack Canfield, questions that are on a lot of minds these days, like:

How do you stay positive when
obstacles show up?


How do these principles work
in this economy?

Jack packs so much wisdom into about 70 minutes; I feel foolish that this is the first time in nearly three years of following Jack that I joined the call. My focus has improved ten-fold today. Jack has a way of clearing the clutter in my mind, finding a musty old excuse, and helping me dispose of it.

The most important takeaway for today was that you can, and probably should, pair up with an accountability partner to help stay focused on your goals. In fact, Alex led Facebook users to log into Facebook and comment on Jack's fan page about our accountability partnerships. Next thing you know, several of us were connecting and forming partnerships.
(I will let you know how that works out for me.)

If you have a chance to attend the free monthly Ask Jack Canfield Tele-Clinic, I strongly recommend it. Do not wait three years to then wonder how much faster you might have progressed. If you cannot attend, sign up like you plan to attend and you should be taken to a link that explains how you can purchase an mp3 recording of the call.

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