Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Success Principles Workshop in Dallas, TX

Jack Canfield will present his day long The Success Principles Workshop in Dallas, Texas on February 27, 2010. I would tell you how much I wish I could go, but I am working to manifest another trip in my life right now, and I am counting on seeing Jack in Boston on May 1. Still, I made a friend at last year's workshop in New Jersey and I would have liked to catch up with her in her hometown.

This is your chance, Texas, to see Jack Canfield in person this year. He will sign your copy of The Success Principles and he will let you take photos with him. I bet you could haul in your collection of Chicken Soup books and get Jack to sign those as well.

You will have a great time. You will meet the most motivated and empowering people on the planet. Plan to hang around in the evening after the workshop and network with everyone. Successful, enthusiastic people will help you see through, around, and over your hurdles to the better life you are creating.

As I said, I went to The Success Principles Workshop in New Jersey last year, and I came back richer for the experience. Richer in friendships, richer in inspiration, and richer in energy. I went on to walk in the Breast Cancer 3 Day and accomplish several other goals last summer that had seemed like pipe dreams in the spring.

When was the last time you came back from vacation feeling vigorous and ready to take on the world? A day with Jack could be just what you need to propel to you to victory. And by the way, this link also includes info about Jack's visits to San Francisco, Seattle and Boston this year. Make your plans and don't miss the opportunity to thrive this year.

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